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Soil & Ground Water Investigation and Remediation

Practical Environmental Solutions, LLC (Practical) personnel have extensive experience and have successfully completed soil and groundwater investigations and remediation across the state. We specialize in providing our clients with proactive solutions that result in expedited case closures, perhaps unlike some other firms that wait for things to happen resulting in years of delays and unnecessary bills. Past groundwater investigations have resulted in the successful remediation of “Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids” or “LNAPLS” (phase-separated or free-floating hydrocarbons including gasoline and heating oil), “Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids” or “DNAPLS” (including chlorinated solvents) and various other contaminants dissolved in groundwater.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in addressing properties that have impacted receptors (private wells, basements, streams and lakes, wetlands, underground utilities, and groundwater), and properties with multiple areas of environmental concern. Practical has successfully completed clean-ups imposed by physical limitations in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

Although our personnel have hands-on experience in conventional investigation and remediation techniques, we maintain up to date knowledge on cutting edge remediation technologies. This versatility allows us to provide our clients with several options and cost effective solutions. Practical personnel have assisted clients with historic fill issues, petroleum discharges, solvents and plasticizers, pesticides, herbicides, metals, and PCBs.

We specialize in providing complete service to our clients from discovery of the discharge, through the investigation and remediation, and finally case closure.

Soil & Ground Water Investigation and Remediation
Practical’s technical staff is skilled in soil and groundwater sample collection, monitoring well installation and soil characterization. Practical’s personnel are NJDEP Certified in UST Closure and Subsurface Evaluation and have completed OSHA’s 40-hour Hazardous Waste Site Operations (HAZWOPER) Training.
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Practical Environmental provides its services throughout the entire state of New Jersey.